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  SAP Full-stack SCP Application Developer

As a Full-stack Application Developer you go through the entire development process at Creetions customers. Starting with understanding the process and the problem, building prototypes and coordinating with end users, up to the implementation and delivery of the application within the set time. Are you creative, flexible, analytical and driven? Can you position yourself within the development process and help the customer to optimize their processes based on the latest techniques? Then you might be the person we are looking for.

Where SAP previously came up with its own techniques and solutions, SAP is increasingly building Intelligent Enterprise Applications on open source software and techniques. With the arrival of Cloud Foundry within the SAP Cloud Platform, it offers the possibility to use, for example, Angular, React or VueJS in addition to SAPUI5-Fiori User Interfaces. Backend logic is shifting more and more to Java and NodeJS, which means that the world of SAP offers more than just ABAP and HANA. With the arrival of SAP Cloud Platform on Cloud Foundry, we are able to optimally support the user and the process. From a traditional workplace with a laptop, to any time and place from a mobile device.

At Creetion we are looking for the person who can stand out from the crowd. Who is flexible and driven to master multiple techniques and tools, both SAP and open source. A person with the analytical ability to map process problems and who is creative in coming up with the best solution, in which all factors are weighed. We call such a generalist specialist (or specialist generalist) a Creeture.

Have you just graduated or have you been working in the SAP or enterprise application world for a while? Creetion has an excellent training program available so that you can grow quickly.

Would you like to apply for this position? Send an email to stating “SAP Full-stack SCP Application Developer” with your contact details, a recent C.V. and a reference to your LinkedIn Profile. We will then contact you!

Creetion is the process and IT partner with in-depth knowledge and substantive experience in the field of SAP, Oracle Cloud and OutSystems. Creetion wants to improve and optimize processes and systems at customers. Based on the problem and requirements and the situational context, we realize the most suitable solution for the customer, from advice to implementation to continuous improvement. Our consultants are specialized in bringing Business and IT together, developing User Interfaces and integrations between SAP and third party systems. Creetion consultants are not “one-trick-ponies”, but master a range of skills (both “old” and “bleeding-edge” technology), and look broadly and deeply at the entire stack of options available, both SAP and open source . Not to forget the soft skills, flexibility and creativity with which we help the customer to improve his processes and achieve his goals (with IT resources).

Knowledge of…
Cloud Foundry
User Interface (Fiori, SAPUI5, Angular, React, VueJS)
RESTful services (ODATA)
UX design
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

Affinity with
SAP Cloud Platform – Understand Platform capabilities
Fiori-development – Custom, Extend, Standard Fiori applications
Gateway development – Model and Build ODATA services
ABAP development – SAP modules, ABAP modules and classes, Workflows, …
HANA-development – ABAP CDS, HANA CDS, Calculation Views, Procedures, Javascript …


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