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In the period 2010-2020 Creetion repeatedly sponsored the athlete Aart van Meerveld, who in the guise of the Bolderkarman has in a playful way conquered the Alp ‘d Huzes to raise money for a number of charities.

Best sponsors and media,

One more day and then I leave for France to fight that beautiful mountain ‘the Alpe ‘d Huez’ on Thursday 4 June. The mountain is beautiful to see but on that day the togetherness is even more beautiful than those beautiful views you have from the mountain. We are all there to make cancer a chronic disease in the future, and I hope to be able to experience this. Thanks to you, the beautiful construction (the trailer-trailer bollard cart) is ready to go up the mountain behind me and the whole thing has become beautiful. Thanks to many companies and individuals, there is already more than 50 kilos of change in the large piggy bank and I hope that it will become much heavier during the ride up. The signs on cart are still empty, but in France I am already going to write down many names of people who are fighting cancer or have unfortunately lost this ‘unfair’ battle. I have received these names in recent times, but also during the ride up people can write down their loved one seen to show that they are not alone in their struggle and/or grief. I just took colored markers for that so that it’s going to be a bright whole instead of something very gloomy.

I’m happy, happy with your help and support, and glad i’m with all those beautiful people I get to pull up. Look at the pictures of the construction I’ve attached and I’m obviously going to do a good job of getting the trailer and contents up, but it’s a challenge because the whole now weighs almost 200kg.

I’ll keep you posted, of course.


Aart van Meerveld